File Sharing is GNU Again!

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What Is GnuGet?
How Does It Work?
GnuGet Says The File Is Not Legal. Now What?
What Can I Use GnuGet For?
Can I Download Other Filesharing Programs?
Do I Need To Pay To Use GnuGet?

What is GnuGet?

GnuGet is a legal tool for downloading non-copyrighted material over the Gnutella2 network. The name comes from "Gnu" and "Get" (hence the strange capitalization). Gnu represents both the free software movement GNU, and the Gnutella2 network which it uses to find and transfer files. The word "Get" is because it is used to transfer files. When you put the two words together it becomes "nugget" which symbolizes the small download size of this software.

How does it work?

1) Find a file you want to download
2) Use GnuGet to open the magnet link OR enter the hashes for the file manually
3) Make sure you are connected and click the "Get File" button
3) GnuGet will check the file against your whitelist
4) Your download should start

GnuGet says the file is not legal. Now what?

Make sure that the file is not copyrighted and it is legal to download. Once you have determined that it is ok to download, AND ONLY THEN, you may add it to your whitelist using the file's sha1 hash as a filter. You can do this by editing the file whitelist.dat using a plain-text editor such as Notepad. You will then be able to download it.

What can I use GnuGet for?

GnuGet can be used to download anything from linux distros to mp3s, as long as it is free of any copyright restrictions.

Can I use GnuGet to download other filesharing programs?

In most cases, yes. Ares Galaxy, Shareaza, Ares, and eMule are all open source and free of copyright restrictions, therefore these programs are perfectly ok to download. In fact, we encourage you to download these programs using P2P technology as this eases the load on the servers

Do I need to pay to use GnuGet?

Absolutely not! It would be ridiculous for us to require you to pay to download free stuff! GnuGet does not request or require any registration and contains no adware, spyware, or malware of any sort. It does not send back any information or statistics to our servers at any point during the installation or operation of the program.